Follow the guidelines below when preparing and submitting artwork for screen printed drinkware.

File Formats:

We Accept Digital Art Files in the following formats.

Adobe Illustrator - (.ai, .pdf, .eps)

Adobe Photoshop - (,psd, .eps, .tif, .jpg)

Please provide the needed fonts for your design or prepare your artwork in such a way that the font files will not be needed to print correctly.

Camera Ready / Non-Camera Ready Art

Whenever possible, please send your artwork as Camera Ready (ready to be printed as a film-positive) Vector Graphics.

Sunburst Line reserves the right to decide what is or is not Camera Ready.

Sublimation Art:

Artwork for Sublimation should be sent at a resolution no lower than 300dpi.

Rosters & Personalizations

Names for Rosters & Personalizations should be submitted as a Word, Excel, or Text file

Sending Artwork:

Please send all artwork to

Color Matching:

Due to the nature of Ceramic Color Inks, an exact match to a specific color cannot be guarenteed. The Sunburst Line currently has over 200 PMS color matched inks available to imprint your ceramic or glass drinkware with. If we don't have a color that meets your needs, we do offer to make as close a match as possible using PMS numbers as a reference for 70.00(c).

Size and Placement:

Please state on your order if you have special sizing and placement needs for your design on an item. For clarity we ask that you designate which side of the drinkware you'd like like your designs to be printed on. Left-Hand Drinker (handle to the left), Right-Hand Drinker (handle to the right), or as a Wraparound. Unless specified otherwise, the right-handed drinker side is considered to be the "front side". If no sizing or placement is specified, Sunburst Line will use our best judgement and will not be held responsible for issues related to sizing.


An email proof will be provided at no charge. Production time will be dependent upon timely approval of the proof. Please review the proof thoroughly for any typos or problems in the artwork. A written approval of the proof must be submitted before production can begin.

Compliance with Trademarks and Copyright Laws:

Sunburst Line assumes, when artwork has been submitted for reproduction in producing an order, that this artwork was submitted in full compiance with the laws governing copyrights, trademarks, etc. Purchasers, by placing these orders, agree to hold Sunburst Line harmless for any damages, costs and/or expenses arising under these laws as a consequence of our use of said work.