Please read the following info concerning Sunburst Line's shipping policies.

Transit Maps:

Ground Map Frieght Map


Title of the goods passes to the purchaser at the F.O.B. point. Sunburst Line will guarantee shipping date only, not the delivery date as it has no control over the carrier.

Split Shipments:

Sunburst Line will drop ship full carton quantities at no additional cost. A charge of $7.50 (H) will be made on each shipment after the first shipment for less than full carton quantities.


Claims for breakage or shortage must be made within 48 hours.

Individual Item Shipments:

Sunburst Line will individually ship any mailer-packed item in the line. Completed labels arranged in numerical zip code sequence and a master list must be furnished. To the cost of the mailer and the UPS charges, add $1.25 (G) per mailer for handling.

Pallet Fee:

Freight Shipments will incur a $10 (net) pallet fee.

Means of Shipment:

(1.) Ground Service

Sunburst Line standard "bulk-packed" cartons have been designed to protect the ware during shipment via commercial truck. When shipping bulk packed orders via Ground Service, greater protection in packaging will be provided. To cover the cost of greater protection, a surcharge of 10.00(G) per carton will be made on all orders shipping via Ground Service.

(2.) Commercial Truck

Unless otherwise requested, all orders will be shipped at a released value "not to exceed" 90ยข per pound.

(3.) U.S. Postal Service

Shipment vial U.S. Postal Service is generally not available.

(4.) C.O.D.

Sunburst Line will not accept orders for C.O.D. shipment.


Compaints must be made within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Claims for freight adjustment, breakage, or delay must be filed with the carrier within 15 days of receipt. Merchandise cannot be returned and will not be accepted without bearing a "Return Authorization Number" on all cartons and bills of lading.